1. Install the VB API, run setup.exe:

2. Make sure Install or add new software is selected and click next:

3. Accept the agreement check the box and click next:

4. Click NEXT:


6. Under Creo Parametric and Application Features check Visual Basic API, then click ok:

7. Click install, when it is done click finish:

8. Set the PRO_COMM_MSG_EXE environment variable to the full path of the executable pro_comm_msg.exe for ControlsPro to communicate with Creo Parametric. Typically, the path to the executable is: <creo_loadpoint>\Common Files\<datecode>\<machine type>\obj\pro_comm_msg.exe, where machine_type is i486_nt for 32-bit Windows and x86_win64for 64-bit Windows installations:

9. Register the COM server by running the vb_api_register.batfile located at <creo_loadpoint>/Parametric/bin:

10. Set the version of Creo Parametric in the CAD menu in ControlsPro:

11. Restart the computer.