RULESOFT Studio Requires SQL Server 2008 (2012 or newer recommended) due to data types not present in earlier versions.

See the Sub Documents for step by step instructions of installation and Configuration!

Standard or Express?

The system will operate fine, under moderate load, with Express Edition SQL 2008/2012 or newer but will be limited by the capabilities of Express as shown below...

  • The Leasser of 1 CPU Socket or 4 CPU Cores
    (e.g. on a 2 CPU machine with total 8 cores it will use 4 cores)
    (e.g. on a 2 CPU machine with total 4 cores it will use 2 cores)
  • 1 GB memory
  • 4 GB of user data per database (Original or R1 version)
    10 GB of user data per database (2008 R2 version)

CONTROLS Pro Studio has been coded to be light on Database CPU load for most transactions in normal usage.
The consumption of space will be reduced at regular intervals by the system selectively removing unneeded historical records.
If dramatic space recovery is needed, the manual truncation the tables in the database that end with "_History" can be done (assuming you do not require rollbacks of information) if your space usage starts to become an issue. History tables are all time-stamped to allow selective deletion as well.

Important Configuration Instructions!

Authentication/Security Account Option

Server must run in "Mixed Mode Authentication".

          See the Install Sub Document.

If you do not set the option during install it can be changed in the SQL Management Studio in the properties of the Server Object (after you connect to it), in the Security Section under "Server Authentication"

TCP/IP Configuration for SQL Express

See the Network Configuration Sub Document.


See the Network Configuration Sub Document.