Value is set to the Name of the object that originated the script execution.

If a button the the buttons name, if a calculated value then the name of the Calculated value (as seen in the Tree).

If the originating object is the questionnaires "Next" or "Previous" button the the text Next and Previous are returned.

If the Script is executed via the "ButtonClick(name)" routine then the name of the Highest level object that invoked the script.



Return Value

Name of the Top Level object that raised the script execution in the first place.

HOWEVER the property is Read/Write and can be used to apprend, remove or overwrite completely in script code to store whatever string data you wish.


This routine was added to detect what triggered a script call due to the addition of the hooking into the NEXT and PREV buttons as well as the ButtonClick method of the C object.


Dim s as string = C.CallingObjectName  ' gets the buttons or Nodes name that called the script.