This version of the CAD objects Documentation is NOT specific to an engineering platform.

It applies to all CAD objects.

The CAD object is available in script code to expose methods to manipulate the CAD object model easily. It is referenced directly by name and exposes generic methods for common transactions directly as well as exposing multiple Child Objects to manipulate specific areas of the CAD system (assembly, part, window, etc...)

Methods in this specific section are generic or relate to CAD operations but do not affect the CAD system.


This is the top level object, it is always present in script code and doesn't need to be crerated or assigned directly.

It is alwasy used to execute a contained method or access a child object inside the CAD container (top level) object


See the specific sub topics for functional code examples with this top level object

The below is the exposed object name in script which is always followed by something else that is valid

CAD.Refresh()                ' Refresh the CAD Current Display Window.


CAD.something              ' not a functional example line.