This is a read write property value (can be assigned to or read from)

Gets or Sets the Text of a Note/Annotation in a specific Model.

Return Value

string - The Note Text. each line will be seperated by a vbCRLF constant.


model (string) - The model the note exists in by name

note (string) - One of the types of identifiers below...
: Note Name (String in the notes properties, not the annotation name)
: Note ID (the Note ID number, not the feature ID or related feature id)
: "#" + Index (Eg "#0" will return the first note in the model, "#3" the forth)
                   : "#last" explicitly returns the LAST note under the model, this is the most recently added.


Notes do not behave as features, even when they appear as items under an annotation feature.

All Notes exist under the Model itself.


Read the last notes text from a Model

Dim text as string = CAD.Annot.Text("Model1","#last")

Write a new note value (two lines in this case)

CAD.Annot.Text("Model1","#last") = "Line one" & vbcrlf & "Line two"