Save a model as a new file name.

The extension determines what type of file to save as.

Valid extensions for Assemblies are the following...

Original FormatSave As FormatDescription
asmbomBill of Materials
asmedProduct View, EasyDraw CAD File
asmedzProductView 3D Viewer Compressed Package 3D/2D File
asmjpgJoint Photographics Group Format
asmpvsProduct View File
asmpvzProduct View File with Metadata
asmstlStereolithography Format
asmstpSTEP Product Data
asmwrlVirtual Reality Modeling Language


model (string) - the model name

AsFileName (string) - the output file name with extension.

NewCommonName (optional string) - the new common name of the newly saved file.
If specified an additional "Save" is done as a second step due to issues with CREO.

Return Value



The source model type determines which output file types are supported.

IMPORTANT! due to a glitch in the CREO API SaveAs clears the common name, if no NewCommonName is specified the common Name will be blank.


CAD.Asm.SaveAs("Model", "NewModel.asm")