For SQL Express Only (Full SQL Server Installation does not require this step)

After install of the program you must alter some properties to enable ...

-Network access to the Express Database Engine
-Hard code a Port (for VPN access only IF a Named Instance is to be used)

Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager (Shown below in the start Menu)

Select the TCP/IP Settings for the Instance you installed (or default instance) and Open the properties window for it.

 Change the Setting to Enabled = Yes

Instructions for Setting Specific TCP Port for Named Instances to operate through VPN unless your configuring the "Default" instance, It is recommended this step is performed regardless of your intention to use VPN. Note that non-standard ports may also require firewall rules in large corporate networks to allow access between subnets.

Specify an unused port number, this value will be used in the connection configuration of RuleSoft Client. 4444 is used only as an example but may be used.

Final check is to make sure you have turned on the SQL Server Browser Service.