This section Highlights the various "objects" available in script control blocks.

These objects allow interaction with the various elements in a designed questionnaire.

See the various sub topics for detailed information

QV and C objects are used to get or set the various controls in the form by name.

CAD object is used to interact with the CAD subsystem to automate assembly of a product.

Table object (static tables) / DBTable object (dynamic tables) explains what can be done with defined tables in the product that are accessed by name with the "C" object.

Parent object gives the ability to access a "Parent" questionnaires Q, V and C objects from a sub-product (module)

Price object used to read and write pricing information into the seond (right) panel of the questionnaires.

ModulePlaceholder control (control used in questionnaires) describes methods used to access Modules (sub products in a questionnaire) this is the reverse process of the Parent object

NumericUnits Control (control used in questionnaires) describes the special methods for working with this very custom control.