The Q object is available in script code to expose the Questionnaire Values in there normal format.
It is referenced directly by name and it's most common form is to set or get a given value.

Read a value from a Questionnaire object

Dim value as object = Q("Control Name")          ' assigns the controls value to the variable

Set the controls value inside script

Q("Control Name") = "CONTROLS Pro" ' the string controls pro is set into the object


This is the top level object, it is always present in script code and doesn't need to be crerated or assigned directly

It is alwasy used to execute a contained method or access a child object inside the Questionnaire

Accessing Controls is the Default Property of the Q object, but it can contain additional features


See the specific sub topics for functional code examples with this top level object

The below is the exposed object name in script which is always followed by something else that is valid

Q("Control") = 56                ' Assign the value 56 to the control named "Control"