Extracts all the Instance Models (from the family Table) from a Generic Model model in the CAD environment.


model (string) - The name of the generic model

OutputFormat (string) optional - Either the word "Native", and empty string or the extension to indicate the extraction format (eg ",prt", ".jpg", ".asm", or any other supported format)

OutputDirectory (string) optional - a directory to switch to to dump the files in; Changes CurrentDirectory

Return Value

String - A CRLF / Tab delimited string that is a table of the results. (item#, InstanceName, CommonName)




Extracts in same format to current directory


Extracts a PRT file to Current Directory (more useful if a conversion format like ".jpg")

CAD.FamilyTable.Strip("Model1", ".prt")

Extracts to a different directory

CAD.FamilyTable.Strip("Model1", ".prt", "c:\temp")